Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Consider this....

When making up funny nicknames for your children..

A good few years ago now, my mum and special dad had taken Beth away for a few days to one of those campsites that all sane ppl avoid, you know the ones, with childrens entertainers!!!!!!!

So Beth is decked from head to toe in pink, with bunches in her hair, and a butterfly painted on her face, when she volunteers to go on stage and be part of the show. Mum and Alan sit beaming like proud grandparents. When it is Beths turn to talk the conversation went something like this....

Juicy Julian ( and yes folks that really was his name): So sweetheart whats your name?
Beth: Beth
JJ: and who are you here with?
B: My nana and grandad
JJ: and what do they call you?
JJ: and what does mummy call you?
B: The antichrist...

needless to say the ground did not  open up and swallow my parents at that point, no matter how hard they wished, and no, I wasn't the most popular person on the planet for a little while after that.

Let this be a cautionary tale... no matter how cute they look, they are still children, thus capable of anything!!

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  1. Welcome to blog land x love your sense of humour :)