Monday, 27 June 2011

Glastonmuddy festival!!!

Hi to anyone who just happened upon this, my first attempt at a blog...

My name is Shells, I live in somerset with my husband and our 3 Kids Beth who is 13, Amy  8 and Theo 4. More about them another day.

Theo and I have just returned from a trip to town, nothing special just a bit of fresh air, now as anyone who has watched the tv over the last few days will know, last weekend was Glastonbury festival, what you may not know is that it is actually held in a small village called Pilton... not in the legendary town itself.. I live about 5 mins drive from there.  It amazed me somewhat that this morning when heading out for the school run there was a huge queue of traffic on the main road near my house ( this is somerset, main road is just a term for something that has 2 lanes of traffic!!). What is more amazing is that 4 hours later, that queue is still there. While it causes minor inconvenience to us, it amused Theo no end, as all the people sat in their cars in the stationery traffic decided to speak to him as we walked along, one mud covered young lady even called him cute, to which he replied "yup". I hope she and all the other mudmonsters heading home today a safe and uneventful journey, and there may even be a small pat of me that will miss the colourul characters lighting up our town, but yes I like many other locals will be just a little greatful for the break next year!.

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