Friday, 1 July 2011

Guilty pleasures.....

Okay, I defy anyone to look at the closest person to them, and say with a staight face they do not have at least 1 guilty pleasure..... singing in the shower, dancing in the rain, licking the spoon and the bowl and then telling their children "aw really sorry, i have already washed up the cake stuff".

Mine ( well the public one at least) is that I am a cub leader... not so unusual most ppl might think but put it this way, I have only held this role for 6 months and I am heading at breakneck speed toward the latter half of my 30's. I seem to have aquired this role because Amy wanted to go to beavers, and I wanted to spend some time with the least "demanding" ( through no fault of their own) children. If I totalled up time spent watching Theo sleep, or helping Beth complete the tasks her joints prevent her from doing independantly, then the time I spend with Amy is less than 1% by comparison. She doesn't begrudge this, but I wanted to do something about it. So last year I duly borrowed a tent, and went on beaver parent camp, just me and Amy.... well needless to say I was pretty stunned at how much I enjoyed it, this combined with the "gentle" ahem persuasion of the other leaders about how much I would suit the green t-shirt that leaders wear......I have bright red hair!! what was I thinking????, and I end up here, preparing for beaver district camp. I have my green t-shirts with my pack name on them "Dizzie" which is apparently perfect for me.
Tonight will be a night of tired grumpy little people just getting to know what may be their first camping trip, and there will be us... the leaders in their green t-shirts...anyone else seeing a vision of a Butlins redcoat?? (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargggggh), tryng to make sure everyones tent goes up ok, and that each little person is well entertained until that magical hour when they head to bed and we can become semi sane adults again.

Right back to the packing of rucksacks, but a thought for you.... next time you look at the person next to you, in a queue, on a bus, or even a work colleague, don't take them at face value, you never know what alter ego lurks beneath.

Have a good weekend all :)


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