Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Ginger Ninja

Last year(ish) we gained some wonderful new neighbors .... I'm sure the old ones were ok, but never really got to know them. About the same time, we started getting visits from what can only be described as a furball, a somewhat scrawny slightly dirty ginger cat, who thought nothing of sitting by our glass back door, stalking us. By this point the girls were begging for a cat with a passion not unlike Lennie in of mice and men, although there was never a suggestion to call him George. I digress, whilst heading to the car one day our neighbour came to chat, we discussed the scruffy ginger mess, who turned out to be a refugee living in their garden. They had brought him from their old home because he had no one to care for him. Turns out our neighbour is seriously allergic to the mass of Weasley coloured fur, and so they welcomed Beths suggestion that we look  after him. Much grumbling ensues on Cris's behalf, but the  following day he was provided with food bowl, treats and a brush. Now remember we were told he was a stray, so I fully expected to come out of any attempts to brush him with life threatening injuries, the first sign of a hair brush a noise erupted, not unlike that of an old 250cc bike, and the scruffy mess melted, and flopped onto his back..... Stray , my a**.
So the fur balls name is Mickey, and since he appeared, Amy has a new floppy teddy bear to drag around. Theo has a willing Conversation partner, who answers back with a wide array of tones, and Beth has a purring hot water bottle, even Cris who curses and protests can be caught feeding him treats and making space at the end of the chair.
Mickey has adopted us one and all, and makes it clear daily what an effort it is to keep us in line.

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