Sunday, 25 September 2011


Ok so part of this is dedicated to 2 friends of mine,  a couple far braver, and more committed to each other than most I know. He is one of our brave servicemen, recently gone to serve his country, not returning until february, which means he will miss Christmas, his sons 6th birthday, new year, and the every day life with his 2 amazing children, when he returns his daughter will no doubt have grown into an even more incredible young woman, one step closer to fulfilling the potential she shows every day, his son, so full of character will have many many animated tales to tell his daddy. But behind all of this, is one of my closest friends, his wife. Who for the next 4 months, will be both parents when the children worry about daddy, explaining that he will be back soon,  making sure they understand that daddies love for them is unconditional , and that if he had a choice, he would be at home with them. Charged with ensuring she survives, and remains strong, is myself, and a few select others who understand that when she says "I'm ok" it really means"please don't push the point", Or that on the rare occassion she admits weakness and needs a friend, we will move heaven and earth to be there for her, until he returns and makes everything complete once again.
Life here gets no less complicated, Beth is now starting her GCSE's a year early, because of course teenage life has far too much spare time, and needs filling;). My amazing Amy mouse grows more full of wonder every day, and is still as dizzy as ever, Theo is sat beside me, having filled the whole living room with a den, desperately trying to read the words as i type them, and doing a pretty fair job of it.
I for my sins, have decided to take on the local Cub group and am working toward becoming Akela instead of a pack assistant, its going to take every part of my self confidence to pull it off, but if i can't control a bunch of 8 year olds............ oh dear god why did i say yes?:) My first official job as Akela will be rememberance day, somehow right now that seems to be very fitting..

Life poodles on, but if you read this, and you have a spare moment, spare a thought for those who keep us safe, whatever their job, be it forces, police, nhs or any of the other jobs in which people willingly risk their all for our sakes.


  1. Your friend & her husband who I have had the pleasure of meeting could not have a more loyal and truer friend,and when I read of the things that you are doing and your thoughts I see my beautiful sensitive child, Who while life is doing it's best to bring her down will never give in and will not only keep going will do her damnedest for lovely husband, amazing children, and so many friends it is always wonderful when we go to visit how many people who stop us and say hello and genuinely know you and you know them.
    So my my beautiful sweet child I think what I am trying to say is please don't let these hard times that you and Cris are going through change you please stay as caring , giving, and thoughtful.
    It is very easy when times are hard to think that's it blow everybody else it's just me and mine from now on, but I think I like your way of fighting an unfair world better XXX