Thursday, 11 August 2011

Been a while...

Yeah I know I'm a slacker...

Life has been pretty interesting these last few weeks, in both good and bad ways.

Fowey was idillic, the children loved it. The balcony's over the estuary were perfect for crabbing, and catching fish and shrimps. The local beaches were stunning and the Eden project even more breathtaking that the last time we visited. The sense of peace, and just a little bit of hope I felt while there, did a lot to make the holiday amazing. Since we have returned, reality seeps in again, like some kind of underlying disease, something that cannot be ignored or cured, just stayed off with the careful juggling of time and events and an unending ability to forget about self needs on a regular basis.

A few days ago, My husband gave me a link to something he had written, the first time I have ever really seen him put into words properly what he does or doesn't feel inside.

This is life in his words, needless to say it blew me apart...I try so very hard to keep things going, and yet right now it feels like I am failing badly.

I respect him hugely for what he has written, to be that frank took some real guts.

Yesterday the children and I went to pick up their latest aquisitions. 3 russian hamster who have been named Tim, Fred and George, lets hope they are all boys. The sound of giggling and happiness these very tiny creatures can create truly is a tonic for a sore soul.

Hopefully over the next few days if it ever stops raining i will get some more work done on my garden, with the help of a few very willing volunteers, and then i will have somewhere peaceful to retreat to on the odd occasion it isn't raining.

right, short and sweet, but i did work a night duty last night, and i know there is a tub of cookie dough ice cream somewhere with my name on it.

Take care chaps

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